1. It's begin with a first appointment, where we talk about the design and the Fabrics. Together we make the design, You can bring ideas and picture to show what you like. At the end of first appointment we give you a Quote. We can work with different budgets, depending with what your are comfortable to spend.

2. After you agree with this design, We start with making a toille. This is the model from Cotton fabric, to make sure the shape and fitting is right, in this toille we still can do small changes. 
3. After the toille is rigth. Your real weddinggown will be made. It take about 3 of 4 fittings before the dress is ready.
4. When yourweddinggown is ready, you can take it home.
Depending on the fabric and the design, a custom made wedding gown start a 1500,-

This process is for all custom made weddinggown at Ruth's Couture. 

For more information or questions. please send a email.